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We provide our Astrological services over phone or by appointment. Consult With Best Astrologer In Kolkata, West Bengal.


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You can talk directly with our expert Vedic, best Vastu astrologer in Kolkata over phone and discuss any matter that is troubling you.  


By Appointment

You can book an appointment and talk directly with our expert astrologer in Kolkata and discuss any matter that is troubling you.

Our ServicesWhat We Do

We are a foremost organization engaged in providing astrological consultancy services in kolkata, India. Our services are being provided by best astrologers who posses expertise in their respective domain.

Enemy Problems

Enemy problem solution immediately through which the person deprived of success. enemy creates many problems in priest life. the enemy is the greatest obstacle to a successful priest lives. liberation from enemy should take steps otherwise you cannot get success in your life.


Ready to get married but confused with your partner kundli?

A bad decision of your marriage can spoil everything, so it is always good to know the best kundli  which is predicted according to your: Date Of Birth & Name Read More

Financial Astrology

Here, it may be reminded that success in business and financial profits from investments are also influenced considerably by astrological factors, besides being nurtured and boosted by sufficient courage to take risks, and necessary skills and expertise. Hence, astrology is undoubtedly immensely helpful for solving and pacifying financial issues and business related problems, to ensure due financial gains and stability and robust and thriving business in diverse economic sectors.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra (vāstu śāstra) is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to "science of architecture." These are texts found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. Read More

Marriage Problem AstrologyWhat We Done So Far

When someone asks me how to solve marital problems, and I jovially say better dont get married! Jokes apart, the best way to solve any kind of marital problems, right from small arguments to the extent of getting divorce, through astrology is using remedial measures It is normally seen that if the 2nd lord is afflicted, the person will have lot of fights with the family members, and if the 7th lord is afflicted, the sex life of the couple will be unsatisfactory. Fights, and misunderstanding will be high if the 6th lord is connected with the 7th lord, which will eventually lead to arguments for petty things, and ultimately hatred towards the partner. Whenever the criticism or complaint goes on for more than one minute, it will lead to bigger fights. The reactions will be like a chain reaction, and partners will bring all those bad things that happened between them in the past years to fore? Leading to a complete mayhem.

About UsWho We Are

One of the best Astrologer in Kolkata, India Sri Kaniska Bharati is a well known astrologer over the world too. He has a strong 15 years of experience life in the field of Vedic and Spiritual astrology. It is an extension of science that gives detailed information about future by evaluating past of any individual. With the blessings of God and Goddess, the intuition power that enables him to be a skilled astrologer to also predict the past, present, as well as future and to make right strategies, decisions solutions and actions with accuracy according to any individual. He is not only known for his astrology skills, but is also praised by many for his kind heart and a fierce mind. With the precision and accuracy of sward his prediction are the result of years of practice and hard work. With authentic and incredible knowledge of astrology Good Luck Guru serves the best of his service all around the globe. As a best Astrologer in Kolkata, India with a strong grip over the astrology his predictions are magical and his advice or solutions to personal problems are his gifts to the mankind. He works not for his acknowledgement to the world but for the enlightenment of the lost. His working methods are flexible with anyones requirement. If you are suffering from family problem, career issues, business dispute, couple problems or love issues then Good Luck Guru is name for end to your sufferings. Distress yourself from all your problems and drive your life with a better stability and guidance. All under one roof, by one man Good Luck Guru in Kolkata.

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